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Spanish online gambling resources

Spanish online gambling resources

Yes, contacting GAMBLER is confidential. In resoirces of gambling advertisements, whoever facilitates a gambling advertisement i. Navigation Find a journal Publish with us Track your research.


What is gambling addiction? - APA National Problem Gambling Helpline GAMBLER is gamblnig by the National Council ggambling Problem Diseño personalizado. The helpline serves as a Ruleta para Dispositivos Móviles hub Ruleta para Dispositivos Móviles people looking for assistance with a gambling gesources to local resources. This network includes 27 contact centers which cover all 50 states and the U. It serves as a resource for individuals who may be struggling with problem gambling or gambling addiction, or their loved ones. When someone contacts GAMBLER they will receive support, information and referrals to services that can help them address their gambling-related concerns. If you or a loved one is in crisis, please call or

Spanish online gambling resources -

When someone contacts GAMBLER they will receive support, information and referrals to services that can help them address their gambling-related concerns. If you or a loved one is in crisis, please call or Calls are not automatically referred to These individuals are knowledgeable about problem gambling and can provide support, information and resources to help you or someone you know address gambling-related concerns and make informed decisions about seeking treatment.

No payment or insurance information is required to receive resources from GAMBLER. However, standard data rates from telecommunication mobile carriers may apply to those who text the helpline.

The specific services and resources available through GAMBLER may vary depending on the region you are calling from, but may include:. Yes, loved ones and family members of individuals struggling with a gambling problem can contact GAMBLER resources. Encouraging loved ones to contact GAMBLER can be a crucial step in getting support and information to address the impact of a gambling problem on both the individual and the family.

It can also serve as a source of guidance and hope for those who are trying to help someone they care about recover from gambling addiction. Yes, contacting GAMBLER is confidential. We prioritize confidentiality to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for individuals seeking help for gambling-related concerns.

Personal information and the details of your call are kept private, and your identity is not disclosed without your consent. Individuals contacting GAMBLER are not required to provide any personal data to receive resources. Calls to GAMBLER may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Additionally, contact centers in the helpline network may independently use call recordings for training purposes, dependent on the best practices of the center. No, GAMBLER does not use geolocation.

Calls to GAMBLER are automatically routed to the closest contact center based on the area code of the phone being used. Currently, calls to GAMBLER are automatically routed to the closest contact center based on the area code of the phone being used.

This may result in a caller being routed to a contact center that is not in their current physical location. If the caller wants to be connected with local resources, they may need to disclose their actual location to the helpline operator to be transferred to a local contact center.

Skip to content Help for Problem Gambling. Gambling operators and activities are subject to the relevant laws governing AML and terrorism prevention regulations.

Regarding land-based gambling, the analysis of playing with bitcoins is a bit different — the rules expressly refer to monetary units in euros the price of games or bets, the number of prizes, etc. Online gambling activities are defined as those games that are played with electronic, computerised, telematic and interactive means and those in which personal attendance is of an accessory nature.

The latter plus the software used are understood to be part of the gambling platform and hence subject to the same gaming regulations on approval and certification. Licences for the offering of online gambling are intended only for Spanish or overseas-based operators — only EEA entities — that target only Spanish or Spanish-resident consumers.

State-wide online gambling is restricted to the regulated gambling verticals, previously licensed and to be offered according to the technical homologations granted, if breached sanctions are applicable — e. Currently, online gaming operators are allowed to operate terminals in gaming venues, subject to regional regulation.

To date, only Castilla y León Region has explicitly regulated this type of gaming. In Spain, the general rule is that liability for gambling infringements corresponds to those who operate these activities.

Only in very exceptional cases are third parties liable, such as athletes, coaches or other direct participants, referees performing or acting in the event or sport activity on which they place their bets, as well as the people who resolved appeals against the decisions of those referees. Audio-visual or electronic communications service providers, mass media, advertising agencies and advertising networks will be responsible for the promotion, sponsorship and advertising of gambling when organisers do not have the necessary authorisation to legally advertise those games.

In terms of gambling advertisements, whoever facilitates a gambling advertisement i. Please see question 2. The most serious may lead to revocation of the licence. Nevertheless, any restrictive measures such as gambling monopolies or licensing systems that any given MS may impose in its gambling legislation may constitute restrictions to the freedom to provide services in the internal market of the EU article 56 of the TFEU and must satisfy the conditions laid down in relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union about their proportionality, suitability and coherence with regard to achieving the policy objectives of the MS.

While legal gambling contracts are valid and amounts won can be claimed, the amounts won through illegal gambling operated without the relevant authorisations cannot be claimed before any court. Have fines, licence revocations or other sanctions been enforced in your jurisdiction?

In pursuit of illegal gambling, the DGOJ tries to ensure unlicensed online gambling in Spain is suppressed mainly by maintaining a register of gambling websites that allow connections from within Spain and verification procedures on websites subject to a complaint, report, claim or ex officio investigation by the DGOJ.

The website register seeks to identify the unauthorised gambling offer, its scope and positioning in the market. Once a website has been registered, it is regularly monitored in order to verify its activity in Spain and, where appropriate, the initiation of a preliminary information file.

The preliminary information procedures are started when a website is subject to a report, complaint or claim. From that moment on, a procedure begins in which, through the check phases, the DGOJ communicates with the operator, initiates the recording of evidence and, finally, proposes opening the sanctioning procedure.

Sanctioning proceedings have grown in terms of amount and quantity of fines over the last few years. Since , the DGOJ has published a list of sanctioned companies on its webpage. It is expected to be passed during Q1—Q2 of At the time of writing, it is not clear when this resolution will be passed.

In July , the Administrative Chamber of the Spanish Supreme Court raised a question of unconstitutionality before the Constitutional Court regarding article 7 paragraph 2 of the Gaming Law, as this article allows a regulation lower than the law i. Likewise, article 7 paragraph 2 of the Gaming Law should be eliminated from the legal system for being unconstitutional.

The DGOJ published in January a draft resolution to regulate i the requirements that must be met by the collaborating entities in the commercialisation of lottery games, when through electronic, computer, telematic or interactive channels, and ii the obligations of lottery operators related to marketing through these collaborating entities and the webpages, applications or other electronic, computer, telematic or interactive channels owned or operated by the external marketing network.

Patricia Lalanda Ordóñez LOYRA Abogados. Fernando A. Martín Martín LOYRA Abogados. LOYRA Abogados. Chapter Content Free Access 1. Relevant Authorities and Legislation 2. Application for a Licence and Licence Restrictions 3. Enforcement and Liability 5. Anticipated Reforms.

Relevant Product Who regulates it in digital form? Who regulates it in land-based form? The relevant authority within the competent Autonomous Region, of which there are Poker Bingo Betting Betting DGOJ. Not regulated yet.

Lotteries Lotteries The Spanish State. Only in Catalunya. The relevant authority within the competent Autonomous Region.

Skill games and competitions with no element of chance Not regulated. Land-based gambling Casinos: Each Region has established a licensing regime to install and operate casinos. Usually, whenever a certain Region intends to grant a licence for a new casino, it must call and conduct a public tender, where applicants submit their proposal, which must comply with the requirements of the tender in terms of investment size, technical and financial suitability, location, potential for employment creation, guarantees, feasibility study, etc.

The licence is granted to the applicant who attains the best score according to a scale provided in the tender. Typically, the total number of casinos that can be authorised within a concrete Region, as well as the number of casinos that can be operated by the same operator and its group of companies , are limited.

Once the licence to install the casino has been granted, the applicant must obtain the authorisation to operate it, which is not transferable. Generally, any company that intends to operate a casino must be duly incorporated in Spain, have a certain minimum share capital and have the operation of casinos as its primary business purpose.

Shareholders, directors and top-level management need to undergo a suitability analysis and comply with regulatory requirements. Bingo halls: Regions have passed legislation for the installation and operation of bingo halls, including many requirements as to registration with the competent authority, incorporation, corporate purpose and the provision of financial guarantees.

In addition, bingo hall operators must comply with filing requirements related to employees and obtain authorisations for transfers of ownership or variations in the terms and conditions of the licence. Over the past few years, electronic and inter-connected bingos have been regulated in several Regions.

Bingo halls may also, under certain conditions, operate Type B machines. Sports betting: Regarding sports betting, regulation is variable across the Regions and sports betting terminals and counters can only be installed in certain gambling locations. Dedicated sports betting locations may also be opened in certain Regions.

Gambling machines: Manufacturers and distributors must comply with legislation regarding the physical characteristics of the machines, amounts wagered, prize payout statistics and locations where each type of slot machine may be placed. In certain Regions, transfers of ownership interest in machine manufacturers and distributors are subject to prior authorisation or notification to the relevant Region.

Registration and homologation of each machine model is mandatory. Additionally, each machine must be labelled with the name of the manufacturer and the relevant operating permit. Moreover, machine manufacturers, distributors and operators must register with and be approved in terms of technical, reputational and financial suitability and compliance by the gambling authority of the Region in which they intend to conduct business.

Machine operators are also required to deposit financial guarantees, which vary across each Region, and must keep records and documentation related to the machines they operate.

In addition, there are regulations on the types of locations at which machines can be installed and the number of machines that can be placed in each of them. There are sub-types and other classifications that are omitted herein for the sake of simplicity. Multi-position machines, and the possibility of linking them in certain locations and under a number of requirements, are generally allowed in the Spanish Regions and may offer larger prizes i.

Gambling arcades: Regional laws and regulations have some differences, but the key requirements for the grant of a licence for the operation of gambling arcades are the following: i registration with the regional registry as a gambling arcade operator including a statement as to the machine type s that are intended to be installed ; ii a specific gambling arcade licence; iii provision of financial guarantees; iv municipal licences for the operation of the location of the gambling arcade; and v communication to the competent gambling authority of any change in the information supplied.

Regional lotteries: The Regions may also regulate public gambling activities lotteries that take place within their respective territories.

Up until now, only the Region of Catalunya has regulated lotteries within its territory. Please see question 1. Land-based gambling Please see question 1.

Official websites use. gov Fambling. gov website belongs to Spanish online gambling resources resourcew government organization in the United States. gov website. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations. Spanish online gambling resources

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